Intelligent Locking and Monitoring Solution

Is your server room not secured?

Are you worried that someone can barge in and steal data?

Are you looking for a high-class, advanced security service for your computer centers?

Don’t think!!! Just call Netrack.

We are here to provide a perfect solution for a secured server rooms and computer centers.

Introducing smart locking solution by Netrack:

Experience an enhanced and highly secured solution to protect the facilities in the server room and data centers. 

Intelligent locking and monitoring Problem statement & solution

The intelligent locking system provides:

  • Superior data security.
  • Prevents unauthorized access.
  • Controlled supervision.
  • Complete event logging.
  • Activating planned resources.
  • Connection to superordinate management systems.
The intelligent rack access controller designed to the highest quality is a 19’ rack which can be equipped individually. It can manage front and back door of rack enclosures.

Advantages of Intelligent locking system:

  • Reliable and cost-effective.
  • Customized according to client’s need.
  • ELM control software controls all process and access regulations
  • Has convenient plug and play solution.
Features of Intelligent locking solutions:
  • There are some preset rules of credential and time which manage both locking and unlocking
  • The TCP/IP configuration provides user-friendly features which enable easy use of infrastructure and support SNMP alerts.
  • The intelligent locking solution has the facility for online firmware upgrade.
  • Stores 50,000 user/cards and log 1, 00,000 transaction/events.
  • SNMP alerts are produced in the case of unauthorized access, door forced open, etc.
  • A high data security is provided, which allows data to be downloaded on the software by mapping the IP address.
  • Smart access, which is designed for Rack access controller configures various parameters at reader level rather at the controller level.

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