Coloured PDU - Power Distribution Unit case study

Client’s concern
Our telecommunication industry consists of complex networks, telephones, and internet connected PCs. We ensured to incorporate enhanced infrastructure to organize them optimally. The PDUs provide power supply to different systems connected to the network. It has helped in power protection and cable management. However, there was an issue which hampered our work progress. As the PDUs were identical, it was difficult to recognize faulty and redundant cables. The technicians had to spend hours identifying the issue. This increased downtime and outage costs. 

The Need:

We required an optimum solution which could manage energy and helped in easy identification of faulty cables.

Netrack’s solution:

We approached Netrack, a leading manufacturer of enhanced networking rack products for servers and data centers. As they deal with different industries of similar requirement, they quickly provided an excellent solution which resolved our issue perfectly. The colored PDU has a good physical design which is excellent for ergonomics and aesthetics. It has the best features that work efficiently even under harshest conditions. It has helped the technicians to fix cable faults in no time.

 Colored Power Distribution Unit

Coloured PDU: features and benefits:

The colored PDUs are designed with high-quality material which is rugged in construction and is available in different colors. It helps in easy identification of redundant feed and helped technicians to work with ease on power management and maintenance.

The result:

Thanks Netrack for suggesting an outstanding product. The colored PDU protects the critical load under any situations. It is designed to adapt to toughest conditions and successfully eliminates human errors.

We thank you for your valuable time. 

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