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What are requirements for a perfect IT setup?

The need: To begin with, an IT setup requires the following devices for the effective functioning of the organization, Such as:
1>    Servers, printers and other IT equipment 2>    Cables and Connectors 3>    A router 4>    A wireless access point 5>    an internet connection 6>    A hardware firewall
The Concerns:
Apart from setting up the devices, it is essential to maintain and ensure the safe working of devices. As servers and other IT equipment emanate noise and heat while working, the employees working in the close vicinity complain of health disorders.

Therefore, Eco-friendly and reliable racks and cabinets are required.
The huge volume of cables and wires connecting servers, printers and other IT equipment need to be organized properly to prevent mishap or for quick identification of faulty cables. The power distribution unit is another important aspect which is required to face the challenges in power protection and management.

Netrack, a leading manufacturer …