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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Keep the server room neat and clean; it improves efficiency!

When you setup a data center, it is important that you keep track of everything. If you feel that it is a simple task of buying a few racks and arranging the servers on top of it, then you are totally mistaken. It is undoubtedly a critical thing, but it is equally important that the network cables are arranged properly. Experts recommend specialized network rack to keep it in order. Many people feel that the need for proper cable management is exaggerated. However, it is not like that. You must keep every piece of network systematic so that it functions well. Netrackindia is a leading provider of all varieties of cable management accessories.

Cable management is not a complex activity
The best way of managing cables is to use good quality network rack that keeps everything properly arranged. RJ45 patch panels terminate 24 Ethernet cables in one board. You need experts to perform the punching, fixing and testing work. Tie the bunch of cables using good quality cable ties. Always buy reliable ties from Netrackindia. Don’t get trapped into cheap stuff available in the local market. It doesn’t last long.
Labeling is another critical activity. Even if you have a small or medium size IT setup, it is extremely important to get the cables properly identified. It saves a great time when something goes wrong.  Also, you don’t have catastrophic failures by accidently pulling the cable of some critical server.
Buy good quality network rack and fix the cables. A label printer can be purchased from the local market. It is quite inexpensive and readily available at IT hardware shop in the nearby market. Get the labels printed with relevant information. Fix them carefully on each cable and your data center is ready.
Forget the hassles of troubleshooting and fixing network errors. It becomes a simple thing. You save precious time and increase the efficiency of the IT system. A neatly maintained server room not only looks good, but it saves a great time in troubleshooting. You reach to the fundamental cause quickly and reduce the downtime. It also emphasizes the neatness and systematic working in the organization.