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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manage The Server Units With Comprehensive Server Cabinets

With an aim to provide better management of network resources, the IT sectors or data centers need to secure the server unit to prevent noise and dust pollution. It is essential to maintain the server for efficient and continuous working without causing a serious hamper on the work process. NetrackIndia, with an effort to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective and energy efficient solution has come up with Server Cabinets. These cabinets have umpteen features which help to secure the server without any hassles. The server rack cabinets could effectively manage cables and wires too. It has helped to reduce noise emanated from the server and also prevent the heat transfer, thus making the surrounding area cool and peaceful to the employees.

Netrack support quality–rich, Highly durable server cabinets:

The Server Rack Cabinets   are made of good quality steel sheets which are joined with four strong metal pillars and also comply with the standards. The top and the bottom are welded with the reinforced frames and a support with required depth is provided at the bottom of the cabinet. The raw materials required to manufacture the Server Cabinets are obtained from certified vendors. These materials are highly reliable and durable. The server cabinets supported by Netrack have a front metal door which can be locked to ensure safety and a fan is installed inside to provide adequate ventilation. This would keep the cabinet cool without any heat radiation. It is also provided with a back vented racks with safety metal doors.

The Server Cabinets are manufactured keeping the key criteria intact such as such as huge cable density, heat indulgence, power ingestion etc. Netrack has always ensured to provide quality rich products to their client and hence the products undergo two or three stages of quality check, before delivering it to the customer. Netrack also has a very good logistic network which ensures that all products are delivered within the stipulated time period and do not give room for the customers to complain.

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Why is Cable Management Racks Required?

In any IT sector or in any industries, Cable Management is an important factor that needs to be implemented to have an organized workplace. Cluttered cables and wires cause serious damage and disturbance to the employees. In order to avoid cable mismanagement, NetrackIndia has come up with cable management racks that effectually hold cables and wires and prevent damage. The cable management also helps to easily identify the fault in the wire from the bunch of cables present. Therefore it makes the work easier and reduces time in solving any issues related to cables.

The different types of cable management racks provided by NetrackIndia : 

There are two different types of cables provided by NetrackIndia which can be effectually used in server rooms and data centers. The HDVCO and HDHCO cable management racks series are differentiated based on its make and its features. The HDVCO cable management rack series have frames which are made from good quality steel material. These frames are punched, welded and powdered coated which exhibits class and elegance. However, the doors of The HDVCO Cable Management  rack series has thick aluminum sheet cover which qualifies quality standards. The HDHCO cable management rack series have angular jack panels which are made of excellent aluminum sheets and come in various standard configurations such as 2U, 3U, and 4U along with ABS finger module.
There are other types of cable management racks supported by Netrack. Some of them are:
  1. Vertical cable organizers
  2. Horizontal cable organizers
  3. Universal cable runaway systems
  4. Universal runaway accessories 
It is to be noted that NetrackIndia has always ensured to provide quality rich products and hence undergoes two or three stages of quality check progress to provide customer product that excels in quality and performance. They also have a strong logistic network that makes sure to deliver goods within the stipulated timeframe.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

The importance of soundproof racks

The server rooms in the data centers and IT sectors are generally noisy and also dissipate a lot of heat due to its mandate requirement of continuous processing. This has caused a serious problem to the workforce working in the close proximity of server rooms. It has also caused serious impact on the health of the employees. Therefore, NetrackIndia, A leading manufacturer of organizational networking rack products for servers and data centers supports acoustic racks or Soundproof Racks which suppress the noise from traversing into outside environment, thus providing a safe and healthy workplace to the employees.

The soundproof racks by Netrack- features, and benefits

The soundproof racks by NetrackIndia are made from good quality materials that are procured from certified vendors. These materials are quality tested before it’s molded into soundproof racks. It is to be noted that the soundproof racks have the capacity to subdue the noise produced by the fan motors by 30 decibels. It also has two dust proof fans. This feature has helped the soundproof racks to be free from dust and other contamination, thereby maintaining the health of server machines. The soundproof racks are well crafted to sustain the cool temperature and are super designed to protect it from fire mishaps such as the burning of cable wires etc.

Quality and On-time delivery- the best highlights of Netrack

The soundproof racks are crafted on corridor concepts which effectually separate hot air and cold air, thereby preventing any short circuits which can result due to the collision of hot and cold air. The soundproof racks have helped to drastically reduce the energy bills and have enhanced the growth and development of the company. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Netrack, has always ensured that quality and on-time delivery is never hampered. They perform quality testing at each stage of the manufacturing process to achieve the best outcome. Their comprehensive logistic network can support customers successfully with requirements from any part of the world. Such enhanced service by Netrack has made them one of the popular choices among customers.

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