Features of Lab Racks

The data center is a combination of technologies working together to help deliver data. The racks are the support system which helps in data center management. The idea is to simplify data center management by dividing a complex environment into more manageable pieces – the racks. Lab racks are one among the data center racks which help to create a better data center environment. Netrack, the leading data center solutions provider, manufactures lab racks that are modular and efficient.

Features of Lab Racks The lab racks manufactured by Netrack has modular frame, ESD or non ESD post formed centre tabletops, Lipped bottom tabletops and cantilever shelf. As every data center requirements are different the lab rack dimensions, including height, depth and length, are made customer specific. The table frame of these lab racks is made of 50*25*2MM/ or 100*50*2MM high quality structural tube. Lab racks have completely knock down construction. Composite construction basic frame-steel powder coated …

What are requirements for a perfect IT setup?

The need: To begin with, an IT setup requires the following devices for the effective functioning of the organization, Such as:
1>    Servers, printers and other IT equipment 2>    Cables and Connectors 3>    A router 4>    A wireless access point 5>    an internet connection 6>    A hardware firewall
The Concerns:
Apart from setting up the devices, it is essential to maintain and ensure the safe working of devices. As servers and other IT equipment emanate noise and heat while working, the employees working in the close vicinity complain of health disorders.

Therefore, Eco-friendly and reliable racks and cabinets are required.
The huge volume of cables and wires connecting servers, printers and other IT equipment need to be organized properly to prevent mishap or for quick identification of faulty cables. The power distribution unit is another important aspect which is required to face the challenges in power protection and management.

Netrack, a leading manufacturer …

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IT and Datacenters have a large volume of cables and wires which needs to be segregated and organized properly in order to avoid mishaps and mismanagement.  Therefore to overcome cluttered and tangled wires issues, NetrackIndia has come up with the best optimum solution for providing cable management solutions which ensure to keep the wires intact and prevents damage. The cable management solution helps in easy identification of faulty cables thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity. It has helped to make work easier and quickly resolve in case of issues.

Netrack support a wide variety of cable management rack supporting different needs
NetrackIndia provides different types of cable management solution such as 1.    HDVCO series 2.    HDHCO series 3.    Vertical cable organizers 4.    Horizontal cable organizers 5.    Universal cable runaway 6.    Universal runaway accessories.
The HDVCO series and HDHCO series are used in server rooms and data centers. It is in fact differentiated …

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Datacenters housing large servers, IT equipment, cables, wires, power distribution units, etc. requires an efficient solution to manage them appropriately to ensure a safe and healthy working place for employees.  Before we proceed, we need to understand why we need an appropriate Data center management solution for optimal performance.
1>  As the datacenters have servers that have to run continuously, it is quite obvious that noise, heat dissipation, and energy cost are a cause for concern. 2>  With the high noise level, it becomes difficult for the employees working in the close vicinity to discuss or concentrate on work-related issues. 3>   The noise pollution has taken a toll on the employee’s health. Some of them complain of loss of hearing, severe headache and some have cardio issues too. 4>   The heat dissipation is another issue of the server, as they dissipate heat in the process, it becomes unbearable to work.
5> The improper heat management leads to over-consumpti…

Power distribution unit - Netrack Enclosures Private Ltd

Install the best power distribution unit by Netrack and enhance the productivity
In large datacenters, there are multiple cables connected to different servers and IT equipment. Imagine a situation, out of 100 servers, one cable wire from a particular server has an issue, it would be a herculean task for the technician to identify the cable and rectify the issue. Remember that a single server may have several cables for various purposes. In such case, the downtime would be maximal and productivity would go down, thus hampering the overall process. This is definitely not encouraging. Therefore, a smarter solution for managing power is required to ensure that the work process is not hampered at all. The power distribution unit by NetRack has resolved the issue drastically.

The intelligently designed power distribution unit has helped to effectually manages cable and power supply in the workplace. There are different varieties of power distribution unit supported by Netrack. Let us look in…

A Smarter Power Supply Solution:


Get uninterruptible power supply with an innovative power distribution by Netrack

In the IT and data centers, there are several critical types of equipment that has to be operated 24/7. Any disruption results in loss of productivity and downtime, which is not acceptable. Hence, to overcome the issue, Netrack has come with the best solution for providing power distribution unit, which can manage multiple systems with appropriate power supply and control voltage shoot ups without hampering the working condition of the equipment. The power distribution unit apart from managing power supply, provision being made to alternate the power supply in case of a mishap in the primary source of power supply.

Different Varieties of Power Distribution Unit supported by Netrack
Netrack provides different types of power distribution unit which are used for different purposes. These power distribution units help to arrange the cables and wires in a more organized manner and help to showcase a neat and a systematic work environment. Some of the varieties of the power distribution unit …