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Monday, 27 June 2016

Netrack Enclosures Best Quality Rack security

In recent times a lot has been talked about regarding rack security. There are a lot of reasons for this particular thing. This is an electronic locking system that is made for applications that do not exactly require a remote administration or also any type of date networking. It is also highly economical as it can be accessed with handles as well as various types of keypad modules. The consumers can also get all these components individually or along with a constructional unit. You can also make good use of rack security by going through all the important guidelines. 

Monitoring and remote locking
The consumers can also construct various complex networks just by connecting a 19 inch rack mounts units. This can be done by combining it with various encapsulated individual modules. The device can also be adaptable easily as per the various user requirements of security to the racks. Always use racksecurity by keeping in mind the important procedures and guidelines. There is also no need to complicate your security needs because of the presence of Netrack at the click of a button.

All consumers can also use the completely firm post series for data centers and networking labs in which there are high density data cables. These open racks can be manufactured by the maintenance of the ISO 9001-2008 standards. These are also made with the help of very rigid aluminum silhouette for maintenance of standards as well as the quality of the product. This aluminum rack frame will also be installed in a standards configuration of post 2 or post 4 at times. The users will be able to adjust to the deepness of an aluminum rack as per all the requirements. This is why rack security by Netrack has become so much popular. 

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

What all should be asked to the server cabinet provider?

When you decide to build a full-fledged data center in the organization, it is very much important to think about several aspects of it. Right from flooring and air-conditioning to power supply and server cabinets everything needs attention. When you contact seasoned service providers and explain the requirements in detail, they come out with an efficient and good solution.

Choosing right Server racks & cabinets could be a daunting task if you aren’t clear about the requirement. Hence, it is important to jot down them first before you decide about the make or model. Netrackindia knows how to handle data center designs for small, medium and large organizations. Hence, they can give the right suggestion to the customers. 

 What is the difference between rack and cabinet?
Cabinet has four rails and side panels. There are models with or without doors. Racks are open with no side panels and doors. They can stand freely without any support. The choice of installing server cabinets or racks purely depends on the need and data center design. However, there are a few thumb rules to make decision about Server racks & cabinets:

Equipment size and accessibility: Typically, large sized servers are heavy, and you need extra support and stability. Cabinets are more appropriate in this case. Racks are more useful when you need to access the equipment from all sides.

ΓΌ     Security and environmental aspects: When security is not a big issue (means your data center is already secured), you can install racks. However, in open data centers, it is mandatory to use cabinets.  Dust and dirt affect more when the servers or network equipment kept in open racks.
Ask the expert consultants Netrackindia about it and get valuable suggestions about the design of the data center.  It helps in deciding right things at the right time.
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