Get uninterruptible power supply with an innovative power distribution by Netrack

In the IT and data centers, there are several critical types of equipment that has to be operated 24/7. Any disruption results in loss of productivity and downtime, which is not acceptable. Hence, to overcome the issue, Netrack has come with the best solution for providing power distribution unit, which can manage multiple systems with appropriate power supply and control voltage shoot ups without hampering the working condition of the equipment. The power distribution unit apart from managing power supply, provision being made to alternate the power supply in case of a mishap in the primary source of power supply.

Different Varieties of Power Distribution Unit supported by Netrack

Netrack provides different types of power distribution unit which are used for different purposes. These power distribution units help to arrange the cables and wires in a more organized manner and help to showcase a neat and a systematic work environment. Some of the varieties of the power distribution unit are:

1>    Normal Power Distribution Units
2>    Metered Power Distribution Units
3>    Intelligent Power Distribution Units

The normal power distribution unit is made using the best quality powdered coated metal which is highly reliable and durable. The highlight of the normal power distribution unit is that it has a different socket variant and has two mountable varieties such as the horizontal or vertical.

The metered power distribution unit is an attractive unit which has a circuit board inbuilt along with a digital display. The display unit is used to exhibit voltage, current, and power.

The intelligent power distribution unit enhances energy efficiency, uptime, find cut off power capacity. The intelligent PDU along with the power management system also observers the power consumption and reports any change in the environmental condition. It is automated to provide centralized monitoring, alert email notification, analysis of cost, OS shutdown, and monitor rack temperature.


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