Intelligent Locking and Monitoring System Case Study

Client’s concern:

Our R&D Center is connected to a large network of interconnected server systems between three different countries. Our server units have lot of data which is used for internal as well as external operations. There are confidential data too. Therefore, we wanted a perfect smart locking and server monitoring mechanism to control data handling and provide the best data security. The access to the server units is also restricted and hence it is important to monitor the regular activities in and around the server room to ensure there is no unauthorized access or improper usage.

Intelligent Locking and Monitoring System

Netrack’s solution:

Thanks to Netrack. The Intelligent Locking and Monitoring System is a complete package that provides the best data security, highly secured supervision and prevents unauthorized access.  It is also programmed to trigger planned resources and connect the crucial systems in the network. It has the capacity to log the events up to 1, 00,000 transaction/event. Alert is initiated in the case of unauthorized entry or if the door is forced open. The intelligent locking and monitoring system has an intellectual design that ensures a complete security of the restricted area.

The result:

Netrack is professional in their approach and ensure to support every requirement with perfection. They have a systematic approach for every problem. They provide reliable solution at the most affordable price. 

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