The need of IT and Data centres

The IT sectors and Data centres need safe active systems to secure lab racks, network racks, server enclosures, network enclosures, server racks, lab tables, power distribution units, cable runaways, cable organize etc. It is important to provide user-friendly and versatile products. The server enclosures by Netrack provide optimum racks which secure the server wires and cables securely. The stranded cables that run from server to client have to be maintained properly and hence require keeping them intact.

The Solution…

The server enclosures are provided with good ventilation and a secure lock, which helps to prevent heat transfer and also the noise pollution is reduced drastically. The server enclosures by Netrack are made from a good quality material which undergoes stringent quality check and also assured of its performance and efficiency. Netrack, being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company make sure that the product is flexible, scalable and versatile. It exhibits excellence of product and utility. Netrack ensures that the server enclosures provided are an eco-friendly product. The server enclosure reduces the amount of emission that is indirectly produced and also the amount of energy consumed. 

 Netrack, the best in providing networking racks for servers and data centres

Netrack, to deliver products with superior quality and to be at par with the international standards, it has adopted best quality control methodologies to service in the international market.  The server enclosures are customised according to the need and specification of the server rooms. The enclosures that are designed by Netrack ensures that the various aspects of the server rooms such as cable density, heat dissipation, power consumption are considered and addressed accordingly.

NetrackIndia, with its dedication and hard work, has effectively provided satisfactory service globally. They have good networks across the globe which has helped to provide on-time delivery of all their products. Their constant effort in providing customised and enhanced server enclosures has made them a popular choice among customers.

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