Port KVM Switches- A Preface

KVM is abbreviated as a keyboard, video, and music. KVM over IP devices has a micro controller that internments keyboard, video and music signals, compresses them into packets and transfers them to a remote console through Ethernet link. The compressed signal is decompressed and received by the remote console. This Port KVM switch is available as the standby in the power plane during the entire BIOS process. The Port KVM switches are used to control multiple computers locally or globally with the help of IP connections.

Port KVM Switches - Netrack Enclosures
Netrack, A leading manufacturer of KVM switches, provides service in port KVM switches. Netrack has a long list of different port KVM switches. Let us see some of them.

Different port KVM switches supported by Netrack
  • Dominion KX II

                      These types of port KVM switches are capable of controlling 64 multiplatform server and serial-based devices. They are also enhanced with some of the best features, such as the blade server, mouse synchronization, dual power, digital video etc. They are widely used in data centers, server rooms, labs etc.
  •  Dominion KX II-101 v2

                        These port KVM switches are compact and small in size that can fit the size of a palm. This is used to control a single server, which connects about 8 local users. They are used in development labs, medical applications, constructions etc.
  • Dominion LX

                      This type of  port KVM switch are capable of controlling 256 servers, and 8 to 16 ports. They provide high-quality BIOS level access with 1 or 2 users. These switches are equipped with standard features. This port KVM switches caters for small to medium business types.

  • Dominion KSX II

                         This port KVM switch can access 4 to 8 KVM over IP port and 4 to 8 serial ports and can provide BIOS-level access up to 10 users and 16 servers and serial devices. The port KVM switches are used in remote offices, labs, data centers etc.

The Netrack provides much more types of switches. Their ability to produce enhanced quality products ranks them as one of the top manufacturers in rack products for servers and data centers.
  For more information: http://www.netrackindia.com/port-kvm-consoles-switches.php


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